As we approach the 50th anniversary of the African American Student Union at Harvard Business School, the HBSAAA will continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of women being admitted to Harvard Business School's full-time MBA program by profiling remarkable black alumnae—women who represent the broad mosaic of the HBS community.

While the W50 initiative was part of the School’s effort to explore the past, present, and future of women in leadership in business and civic life, the HBSAAA believes it is extremely important to continue to showcase the diverse ways women of color exemplify the School's mission to educate leaders who make a difference in the world.


Please click on the woman's picture or name to see her entire profile and biography. More to come.

Selena Cuffe
(MBA 2003)

Linda Oubre
(MBA 1984)

Bonita Stewart
(MBA 1983)

Sheila Marmon
(MBA 1999)

Catherine LeBlanc
(MBA 1980)

Ann Fudge
(MBA 1977)

Carla Harris
(MBA 1987)

Gail Moody-Byrd
(MBA 1983)

Mia Mends
(MBA 2003)

Dr. Cheryl Howard
(MBA 1975, DBA 1983)

Dr. Modupe Akinola Robinson
(MBA 2001, PhD 2009)

Geraldine Reed Brown
(MBA 1973, JD 1971)

Kim Lew
(MBA 1992)

Beverly Anderson
(MBA 1997)

Teresa Clarke
(MBA 1988, J.D. 1987)

Ndidi Nwuneli
(MBA 1999)

Wanda Felton
(MBA 1984)

Amy Hilliard
(MBA 1978)

Rena Clark
(MBA 1990)

Ina Coleman
(MBA 1986)

B.J. Wiley
(MBA 2006)

Valerie Brown
(MBA 1994)

Desiree Rogers
(MBA 1985)

Taran Swan
(MBA 1991)

C. Pat Alsup
(MBA 1974)

Michelle Morris
(MBA 1983)

Deborah Wright
(MBA 1984)

Angela Airall
(PMD 71, 1996)

Dame Vivian Hunt
(MBA 1995)

Mamongae Mahlare
(MBA 2004)

Jacqueline Adams
(MBA 1978)

Shari Hubert
(MBA 2000)

Denise Murrell
(MBA 1980)

Lisa Skeete Tatum
(MBA 1998)

Gail Morales
(MBA 1985)

Ivy Jack
(MBA/MPA 2004)

Kym Lew Nelson
(MBA 1983)

Michele Rogers
(MBA 1986)

Paula Sneed (MBA 1977) Courtney Bass (MBA 2010)