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Angela Airall is a leadership development consultant and executive coach specializing in executive development with over 30 years of experience using her expertise in organizational strategy and emotional intelligence to help leaders and organizations reach and exceed their highest potential. Business can be paralyzed by overanalysis of data; Ms. Airall serves as an innovative catalyst, connecting leaders to an authentic, heartfelt vision that can drive a successful-and compassionate-corporate strategy and culture.

With her focus on organizational, team, and individual success, Ms. Airall works on the cutting edge of change and talent management in organizations, helping develop strategies to create inclusive cultures and diverse bench strength, strengthen trust, and move matrix organizations to achieve more collaboration using proven best practices.

She frequently coaches on the topics of leadership effectiveness, new leader assimilation, leaders in transition, executive team effectiveness, talent management and succession planning, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and strategic change. Ms. Airall specializes in both executive coaching and talent management and succession planning and transition coaching.

Recognized for her progressive and insightful observations, she is the facilitator and host of the internationally acclaimed Oxford Leadership Self Managing Leadership Program which spans the globe, helping leaders create more meaningful, purposeful lives through self-discovery and connection with others.

Through energizing coaching, enhanced by decades of scientific discovery and personal reflection, Ms. Airall facilitates changes in behavior and moves people to action. Using metaphor and simulation to bring organizational life into action, she breaks down the barriers that separate people to create real and lasting change.

With prior roles as Chief Diversity Officer and leadership consultant, Ms. Airall has led nationwide public seminars to help create the American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc. She has developed and launched cultural audits for Avon, CINergy, Motorola, and Johnson & Johnson, to uncover hidden biases that impact the recruitment, advancement, and development of women and people of color.

Ms. Airall is a charter member of the National Association for Hispanic MBAs and created Destination MBA, a national program to increase the number of masters and doctoral candidates attending graduate business schools. She is the recipient of the University of Cincinnati Diversity Award for her efforts to bring the Underground Railroad Museum to Cincinnati during a time of regional racial distress.

In the aftermath of the Rodney King unrest in Los Angeles, Ms. Airall was selected as trainer by the National Conference of Christians and Jews to facilitate dialogue between the Los Angeles Police Department and minority communities.

Most recently she was invited by the Sophia Institute to Charleston, South Carolina, to launch the Social Justice and Racial Equity Council (co-chaired by Charleston's Mayor) to help heal hearts and minds after the massacre at Mother Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Ms. Airall believes success in business is always about feelings, and that relationships matter. The way we feel about something or someone determines how we behave, and whether we do business with them or not. Our perceptions determine our feelings, which directly affect our behavior. Until we change our perceptions, we won't change our behavior. Her consulting and coaching changes perceptions and feelings.

As the original architect of the Duke Leadership Academy, the Duke Medicine C-CHAMP Program (a physician-led leadership program), and Johnson and Johnson's global Leader View for High Potential Talent, Angela enjoys creating legacy leadership development programs and served as lead trainer in Korn Ferry's Efficacy for People of Color. She puts her followers in touch with their deepest potential, inspiring them to regain their personal power, live from their passion, and create the life they want to live-with no excuses or way back to old habits.

A lifelong learner with a reflective meditation and mindfulness practice, Ms. Airall is an ordained interfaith minister who offers couples coaching, designs custom ceremonies, and officiates weddings. Currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Sedona, Angela is pioneering new streams of thought leadership in cultivating the human spirit at work. As the founder and group manager of the LinkedIn Organizational and Culture Change Agents group, Angela facilitates conversations with 8,000 members in cultivating compassionate leadership.